How We Work


So, you are interested in making some epic video content with us, well this is our process:


Firstly, you and one of our producers have a phone call and we find out about your business, your desired content and your aims, and arrange an in-person concept meeting at our office/studio or at your location. We then supply you with a creative pitch including a quote and a first draft plan for the content.

All being well, we send off a 50% deposit and get to work on expanding the first draft with storyboards, scripts and shotlists, while keeping you constantly in the loop!

Once this is all finalised and confirmed, we then start organising the dates, locations, equipment, actors and everything else so we can say that magic word... ACTION!

Have a watch on why  recommend spending more time planning...

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The first date organised in the pre-production comes around, we turn up at the agreed location, with our organised equipment and crew... we get filming!

We are not limited where we film, we will film anywhere we feel is the right location. However, we do try to, when possible, film multiple scenes/videos in a single day to save you money!

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Post-production is truly where the project comes to life. We upload the camera rushes onto hard drives and back them up. The projects are created in DaVinci Resolve, and whilst following the storyboards, the timelines are created. We then show you our first rough copy of your video and go through it with you (we make sure it's a collaborative project from beginning to end!). Once you LOVE it, we sign it off and we call this 'picture lock' which means the project is then ready for sound mixing, sound design, graphics and colour grading. We then export your video with the correct settings so it works perfectly with its intended platform. We've done a lot of research into this!