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MAJO Drones; providing eye-catching aerial marketing, video production and aerial photography services and high-level inspections. These are provided by our CAA approved pilots and operators and then put in the trusted hands of our award-winning media team to create your content.


We live in a digital world - you need eye-catching marketing! 


To boost sales and bring in new clients, social media marketing is vital. With the number of searches now done via smartphone, showcasing your work and site, using eye-catching aerial photography and drone videos, is a way to raise your marketing above competitors and draw attention to your business.


We can provide you with an aerial high-level survey that eliminates the risk of working at heights, the need for scaffolding or a cherry picker for just a survey, and can be carried out quickly with pictures and footage documented for your ease. These can be updated yearly for preventative maintenance, which can save you even more money.